Coverage from the Algerian News Agency

Coverage from the Algerian News Agency

Entitled “Mila: A Project that Qualifies for the World Summit on the Information Society

The agency continued:

A project prepared by a scientific research team from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Institute of Science and Technology at Mila University qualified for the semi-final round of the ninth competition for the World Summit on the Information Society for the year 2020 in Switzerland, according to what was learned today from the owners of the project.

Dr. Narges Bouchmal Sayyari, from the same institute, who has the idea of ​​the project, along with the two students, Issa Sarrar and Yahya Buzraa, explained that this project, which is part of artificial intelligence, qualified to participate in this competition organized under the auspices of the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva “Switzerland” in the period between March 30 and April 3, 2020 Besides more than 350 other projects from different countries of the world.

This project – according to the Director of Mila University, Dr. Amirush Boshlamagh – is “an introduction to the future direction of graduating students towards developing emerging institutions”, stressing the university’s support for various scientific projects that can be embodied in the form of emerging or miniature institutions that have positive effects in various levels.

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