General information

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  • Level:Master.
  • Domain: Mathematics and informatics.
  • Branch: Mathematics.
  • Specialty (Title): Applied mathematics.
  • Duration: 4 semesters.


About the course

Aim of the course

The Applied Mathematics Master from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers in the first year in-depth training in mathematics . In the second year it is opening, to applied in theoretical mathematics courses, with the aim of pursuing a doctorate, and professional courses devoted to actuarial professions, financial sciences and data. Its objective is also to train doctoral students for research as well as for other professions and to help them carry out a thesis by monitoring their work.

Targeted knowledge

Manipulate theories developed in applied mathematics, with the aim of further development or their transmission in the context of a professional situation.

  • Use intuition, imagination and stubbornness in problem solving.
  • Build and write a synthetic and rigorous mathematical demonstration.
  • Develop and program fundamental algorithms for scientific computing.
  • Manipulate the main mathematical models involved in different disciplines or applications in life sciences, physics, mechanics, economics …
  • Reflect reason, calculate, make hypotheses and analyze them rigorously.
  • Understand existing models and develop new ones, check their internal consistency and relevance, apply them.
  • This master therefore offers high-level mathematics training centered on the modeling and simulation of complex phenomena.

Dissertation (End of study project)

In semester 4, the student must carry out his end of study project under the supervision of a supervisor and write a report to expose his work before the audience.

Program (Taught modules)

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Graduate destinations

The holder of the Master in Applied Mathematics can continue his studies in LMD doctorate on a theoretical or applied subject, with the aim of making a career in higher education and / or in a scientific research organization (research center …), with two possibilities:

  • National competition (continuation of studies in Algerian universities).
  • Scholarship competition abroad (continuation of studies in foreign universities).

Professional careers

Students who have obtained the Master in Applied Mathematics can be integrated into the following fields.

  • Public and private educational establishments (university, secondary school, middle school, primary school).
  • Tertiary sector (Insurance, Banks, Offices of economic or scientific studies, etc.).