General information




  • Cycle: License .
  • Domain: Mathematics and computer science .
  • Branch: Applied Mathematics.
  • Specialty (Title): Applied Mathematics .
  • Duration: 3 years.


About the course

Aim of the course

The student will have to become familiar with and acquire the basic notions in higher mathematics necessary to prepare a master’s degree (possibly a doctorate to teach and do research at university in mathematics). On the other hand, the student must master the useful tools to approach a profession in management services, statistical studies and others. The level of skills acquired must allow the integration of a research master’s degree in Mathematics, while offering the student the possibility of completing his training with teaching units guaranteeing him professional know-how.

Targeted knowledge

Manipulate theories developed in pure and applied mathematics, with the aim of further deepening or transmitting them in the context of a professional situation. Demonstrate intuition, imagination and persistence in problem solving.
Build and write a synthetic and rigorous mathematical demonstration. Develop and program fundamental scientific computing algorithms. Manipulate the main mathematical models involved in different disciplines or applications in life sciences, physics, mechanics, economics.
Think, reason, calculate, make hypotheses and analyze them rigorously. Understand existing models and develop new ones, check their internal consistency and relevance, apply them.

Dissertation (End of study project)

The mini project is a personal work prepared by a student (or pair) which can be presented in the form of a poster or presentation and supervised by a teacher who evaluates it and gives it a mark. .

Program (Taught modules)

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Graduate destinations

This license gives the possibility to access:

  • Master in Mathematics.
  • PhD in Mathematics.

Professional careers

Potential job prospects for a computer systems graduate include:

  • Primary, middle and secondary education.