General information




  • Level:Master.
  • Domain: Mathematics and informatics.
  • Branch: Computer science.
  • Specialty (Title): Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (ICTS (STIC)).
  • Duration:2 years.


About the course

Aim of the course

The licence in computer systems was designed to offer for the student required knowledge and skills mainly in computer science, but also in mathematics, management, foreign languages, etc. This training allows the student to contribute to the description, design and implementation of suitable IT solutions, software or hardware.

Targeted knowledge

The training aims to:

  • Provide the student the basic knowledge, methods and techniques for the design and programming of computer systems (algorithms, programming languages, software engineering, databases, etc.).
  • Offer the student training on advanced techniques in the IT field (artificial intelligence, mobile applications, etc.)
  • Present to the student the knowledge and reasoning methods allowing the design and implementation of solutions (graph theory, numerical methods, etc.).

Dissertation (End of study project)

In the sixth semester, the student must develop an end of study project and write a report to expose his work. The project, approved by the training team, is supervised throughout its realization .

Program (Taught modules)


Graduate destinations

  • Possibility to access the STIC Master (Master of Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies) at the university of Mila.
  • Possibility to access Masters in the computer science branch whether professional or academic in other universities.

Professional careers

Potential job prospects for a computer systems graduate include:

  • Developer of mobile applications and websites.
  • Designer and programmer in software projects.
  • IT assistant engineer.
  • Network engineer assistant.
  • Founder of a system development company or a startup.