General information

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  • Level:Master.
  • Domain: Mathematics and informatics.
  • Branch: Mathematics.
  • Specialty (Title): Master in Fundamental Mathematics.
  • Duration: 4 semester.


About the course

Aim of the course

The main objectives of the Academic Master “Fundamental Mathematics” are the following:

  • Train students to learn research in pure mathematics,
  • Provide an overview of the methods of university research in mathematics,
  • Allow students to prepare a Doctorate in a Mathematics laboratory.

The first year involves bringing general and in-depth knowledge of mathematics to train for quality research in the field of mathematics and its applications. The second year of this specialty is intended to train research in mathematics, with emphasis on applications. During the two years of master, the future teacher and / or researcher will have to strengthen his knowledge in the field of mathematics and acquire new ones. But also, he will have to acquire the working methods allowing him to carry out independently a theoretical deepening or a reinvestment of his knowledge.

Targeted knowledge

Manipulate theories developed in pure mathematics, with the aim of further development or their transmission in the context of a professional situation. Use intuition, imagination and stubbornness in problem solving.
Build and write a synthetic and rigorous mathematical demonstration. Develop and program fundamental algorithms for scientific computing. Manipulate the main mathematical models involved in different disciplines or applications in life sciences, physics, mechanics, economics.
Reflect, reason, calculate, make hypotheses and analyze them rigorously. Understand existing models and develop new ones, check their internal consistency and relevance, apply them.

Dissertation (End of study project)

The S4 is dedicated to initiation into scientific research, through a thesis, which the student will present to a scientific committee.

Program (Taught modules)

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Graduate destinations

  • The lessons are organized in a coherent way in order to ensure a harmonious progression towards well defined skills.
  • An important place is given to the opinions and grievances of the students who will be called upon to participate effectively in the educational committees.
  • The training team is made up of teachers of great skills who have accumulated a very long experience in the field of training in both graduation and post graduation in the classical system and are very strongly involved in the LMD system.
  • All this allows the student to acquire sufficient knowledge and skills to continue his postgraduate studies or to work on research projects in his area of specialization.

Professional careers

Students who have obtained the Master in Applied Mathematics can be integrated into the following fields.

  • The sector with high employment potential remains that of both secondary and university education (with a doctorate).