General information

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  • Cycle: Master.
  • Domain: Science and Technology.
  • Branch: Hydraulic.
  • Specialty: Urban hydraulics.
  • Duration: 2 years.


About the course

Aim of the course

The objective of the program is to impart theoretical and applied knowledge to students in the field of urban hydraulics and the analytical methods associated with it.
The purpose of providing multidisciplinary programs is to create competent executives who perform their tasks accurately. The independence that this training gives the students, enables them to define the various hydraulic schemes and the structures associated with, and to learn about the treatment and purification of water. It also enables them to ensure the maintenance of reservoirs and their construction, along with protection structures, drinking water networks, and sewage water, as well as, to studying modeling projects and master plans.

Targeted knowledge

The master’s degree in urban hydraulics guarantees adequate qualitative and quantitative education. Providing students with the necessary knowledge in the BA stage, through the exploratory units, making it easier for them to be in the focus of their major interests. To pursue their studies with peace of mind, which is emerge their abilities early.
As a result, it is expected that convincing outcomes will be obtained at the end of the program. Leakage or repeated failure will be reduced or even eliminated. The executives graduates have been trained so they can:

  • Design hydraulic’s installations and equipment.
  • Drinking water treatment: improving and conserving water quality.
  • Treatment and purification of wastewater and its reuse.
  • The ability to conserve, protect and restore water resources within the framework of sustainable management.
  • Development of research lines that can contribute, in cooperation with the social and economic sectors (industry, agricultural engineering, hydraulic components …) to sustainable development.

Dissertation (End of study project)

The fourth semester of the Master program is devoted to the completion of research on a theoretical problem, preparation of a memorandum, and its discussion.

Program (Taught modules)

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Graduate destinations

The knowledge acquired will enable graduates to get involved in several fields such as water treatment and purification, development of a drinking water supply, network, and sanitation of used and industrial water, and construction of hydraulic works. The knowledge acquired, both theoretically and practically, will also allow students to move towards a doctorate as well.

Professional careers

  • Service companies (ADE, AGID, COSIDER, ABH, etc.…).
  • Design offices.
  • Administration / public establishments : (ANBT, DHW, SHW, etc.…).
  • Local authorities: (APC, Daïras, Wilayas).