General information

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  • Cycle: Master.
  • Domain: Science and Technology.
  • Branch: Mechanic Engineering.
  • Specialty: Energetics.
  • Duration: 2 years.


About the course

Aim of the course

The Master in Mechanics – Energetics allows to:

  • Take the energy balance of any mechanical system, consumer or generator of energy in any form, in order to be able to decide on its vitality or locate its failures.
  • Quick Adaptation in the various jobs linked to production, generation, transport, transformation, energy use and trades of industrial air conditioning, cold production, heating, domestic air conditioning, thermal power plants, solar, hydraulic, geothermal, wind turbines, motors ….

Targeted knowledge

A Master degree prepares for various potential carrier sectors:

  • Design offices, Characterization analysis, Consulting expertise.
  • PME in mechanical engineering industries.
  • Maintenance of machinery, etc.

Dissertation (End of study project)

This training is completed by a project in the second year. It allows the student to acquire a solid experience of project management. It also trains him how to run team works, taking initiative, be autonomous, the respect of timelines, drafting summary reports, and oral presentation in front of a jury.

Program (Taught modules)

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Graduate destinations

These studies allow students to pursue doctoral studies in the field of energetic mechanics and energetic physics.

Professional careers

This Master offers real professional opportunities in many sectors, namely:

  • Transport of all types of fluids (water, gas, oil, pressurized water).
  • Thermal power stations.
  • Solar and hydraulic power stations, gas power stations and thermal engine groups.
  • Refrigeration, production and distribution, liquefaction of natural gas and its derivatives.
  • Liquefaction of air and its components for industry and medicine