General information




  • Cycle: Bachlor.
  • Domain: Science and Technology.
  • Branch: Electromechanical.
  • Specialty: Electromechanical.
  • Duration: 3 years.


About the course

Aim of the course

The program in Electromechanics is la field of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. At the end of the program, the students will assimilate the essential concepts of Mechanics (Resistance of materials, Mechanical construction, Technical drawing, Turbomachinery, Internal combustion engine,). In addition, they will acquire solid bases in Electronics, Automatics and Electrotechnics (Analog and digital electronics, Electrical and electronic measurements, Power electronics, Electrical machines, Electrotechnical materials, Energy production, Control systems, Industrial regulation, Automation and industrial IT, etc.).Through several courses, thee students will be able to solve problems related to the field of energy and conversion about electrical form to the mechanical form and vice versa (Energy conversion, Control of electromechanical drives, Thermal transfer, Hydraulic and pneumatic).
Several objectives are expected from this training which aims to instill in students a practical and diversified know-how, in this case:

  • Organize the maintenance of electromechanical systems, learn how to read diagrams, choose the appropriate equipment and enforce standards and directives.
  • Master the control functions of electric drive systems, master the electronic circuits controlling electrical power installations, learn the functions of electronic, and master the operation of electric machines.
  • Choose control laws, choose the sensors and actuators necessary for regulation, implement the chosen solution, and master the operating diagnostic tools.

Targeted knowledge

Graduates from this training and wishing to join the professional world will be able to:

  • Carry out specialized tests and checks; check the conformity of the equipment in relation to the specifications in the specifications, while respecting the standardization in force.
  • Record in a report the results of tests, tests and inspections, define procedures.
  • Analyze the causes of breakdowns, failures, and suggest improvements.
  • Ensure maintenance of machines and electrical equipment.
  • Participate in the establishment of specifications and technical files.
  • Help in the study of pre-projects and projects.
  • Constantly update their knowledge of technological developments.

Dissertation (End of study project)

The goal of the end of program projects is to assimilate, in a comprehensive and complementary way, the knowledge of the different subjects. I also aims to put into practice the concepts instilled during the training, encourage students’ sense of autonomy and initiative, and to teach them work in a collaborative environment by arousing intellectual curiosity.

Program (Taught modules)

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Graduate destinations

At the end of the program, graduates will have the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree programme.

Professional careers

  • Possibility to be recruited in different sectors.

Bachelor degree graduates can be recruited in other sectors as follows:

  • Production and distribution of electrical energy
  • Naval industry, Chemical industry
  • Oil industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Hydraulic installations
  • New energies area
  • Implicit potentials in this training for business creation as well as the creation of Start-ups.