Missions of the Vice-Rectorate



: sd.etudes.grad@centre-univ-mila.dz

The Vice-Rectorate of Higher Education, Continuing Education, and Diplomas is responsible for matters relating to training and the management of schooling. The main tasks of the vice-rectorate are:

  • Monitor questions relating to training and internships offered by the university.
  • Ensure the compatibility of the training offers offered by the institutes with the university’s development plan.
  • Ensure compliance with the regulations in force about registration, re-registration, monitoring of knowledge, and transfer of students.
  • Monitor the activities of e-learning and promote continuing education activities.
  • Ensure compliance with the regulations in force and the procedures relating to the issuance of diplomas and equivalences.
  • Ensure the maintenance and updating of the personnel records of students.


The administrative tasks of the vice-rectorate are provided by 03 offices:

  • Office of teaching, internship, and assessment.
  • Office of continuing education service.
  • Office of the department of diplomas and equivalences.