General information




  • Cycle: Bachlor.
  • Domain: Science and Technology.
  • Branch: Civil engineering.
  • Specialty: Civil engineering.
  • Duration: 3 years.


About the course

Aim of the course

The Bachelor of Civil Engineering, aims to give the student a scientific and technological basis ensuring mastery of academic and practical knowledge in the various construction fields. Besides, a professional aptitude leading to a good insertion in functions of framing, management within the companies of construction, follow-up and control of projects, this Master ensures to the student a specific basic training, also, it confers to student a capacity of reaching the higher diplomas. In fact, this Bachelor offers the possibility to preparing a Doctorate in the various specialties of Civil Engineering.

Targeted knowledge

This training aims to prepare executives for the civil engineering, building and public works sector in general, as well as executives for companies, design offices and consulting firms, in particular.

Indeed, this field is experiencing a promising growth in employment and research, since it is in full technological development, especially with regard to the creation of new materials. These obviously require the introduction of new technologies, and new business and delivery methods, managed by specialized executives.

Dissertation (End of study project)

The end-of-study project contributes to the assimilation of the knowledge provided by the program. So it is more particularly devoted to putting concepts into practice. It, also, encourages students’ intellectual openness and the development, in a positive way, of a sense of initiative and autonomy in the pursuit of work, while leaving certain points very open.

Program (Taught modules)

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Graduate destinations

This Bachelor provides students with basic scientific and specific training, which gives them the capacity to assimilate allowing them to access higher degrees: the Master and the possibility of preparing a Doctorate in the various specialties of Civil Engineering.

Professional careers

Professional opportunities at the managerial level are important in all phases of a construction operation:

  • The planning of works: public sector (local communities, construction companies.
  • The calculation of the works: Design offices, engineering firms.
  • The management and monitoring of works and the quality control of the works: Structural and secondary construction companies, control offices.
  • Maintenance and asset management : Technical management, rehabilitation, development.
  • Follow-up of construction sites: B.T.P of medium and large sizes.