The General Secretariat




 The general secretariat is placed under the responsibility of a general secretary and ensures the management of administrative, financial, and human resources affairs of the structures and common administrative and technical services placed under his authority.


The responsibilities of the general secretariat are fixed by executive decree n° 03-279 of August 23, 2003, and the interministerial decree of 8 Rajab 1425 corresponding to August 24, 2004. Thus, the general secretariat is responsible for the following missions:

  • Ensure the management of the careers of university staff while respecting the prerogatives of the faculties and the institutes in this area,
  • Prepare the university budget project and monitor its execution,
  • Monitor the funding of laboratory and research unit activities,
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the common services of the university,
  • Implement the programs of cultural and sporting activities of the university and to promote them,
  • Ensure the follow-up and coordination of the university’s internal security plans in relation to the ministerial internal security office,
  • Ensure the management and conservation of archives and documentation of the rectorate,
  • Ensure the operation and management of the university’s order office.

Attached sub-department

 The general secretariat, to which the general office and the internal security office are attached, comprises the following sub-divisions:

  • The sub-department of Personnel, Training and Cultural and Sports Activities.
  • The sub-department of  The budget, accounting and resources .
  •  Common technical services of the university center.