Quality Assurance Cell Definition:

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: cellule.qualite@centre-univ-mila.dz

The Quality Assurance Cell (CAQ) La Cellule d’Assurance Qualité is a body made up of the cell official and members representing all institutes in the institution, and the cell centrally oversees the implementation of the quality assurance system at the university center, and is directly affiliated to the director of the university center. Quality Assurance Cell.

Quality Assurance Cell Roles:

  1. Its roles can be summarized in the process of internal evaluation, information and communication about the tasks of the quality application system, training
  2. It spreads the culture of quality management in the organization.
  3. Leads the enterprise’s quality management.
  4. Quality units accompany all activities.
  5. Training of quality officials.
  6. Communicate and inform all concerned authorities of the necessary relevant information and statistics.
  7. Managing self-evaluation and internal review to ensure the application of quality standards.
  8. Create the general strategic plan and operational plans for the university center.
  9. Implementation of national reference standards for quality assurance in higher education.
  10. Applying the internal quality evaluation system.
  11. The cell is the interface between the university center and the national evaluation bodies.
  12. Ensures follow-up to the national action program in light of the continuous improvement of the quality of training programs.
  13. Organizing informational and training processes regarding its tasks and expected results from implementing the quality system