General information

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  • Cycle: Bachelor.
  • Domain: Economic, commercial and management sciences.
  • Branch: Economics.
  • Specialty: Monetary and banking economy.
  • Duration: 3 years.


About the course

Aim of the course

This training, which is part of the LMD certification system, allows students to acquire important theoretical knowledge in cash economics and banking, which allows the training of students specialized in various works and technologies related to l ‘financial aspect in general and banking in particular in order to enrich the positive role of the student as well as Make the bank known in society; By creating a full knowledge of the financial system, its components and its working mechanisms, with the help of various active financial institutions, whether credit institutions on the money market, in particular banks or banks. ” other financial institutions on the financial markets.

Targeted knowledge

  • Control in the field of financial and banking sciences.
  • Control areas related to the institution’s finances, international financial markets and the international financial system.
  • Provide the student with advanced knowledge and tools in the field of banking management and administration and financial management.
  • The ability to monitor modern banking technologies, particularly with regard to electronic banking activities and methods of analysis of the financial statements of financial and banking institutions.
  • The ability to exercise professions linked to financial and banking institutions.
  • The ability to manage financial risks and crises

Dissertation (End of study project)

The end of study project is a training report produced by the student at one of the financial and banking institutions operating in Algeria, with the aim of allowing the student to test his scientific acquisitions in practice.

Program (Taught modules)

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Graduate destinations

Students with a BA in monetary and banking economics can continue their training and academic results (master’s, doctorate) in other disciplines such as: banking and insurance, corporate finance and Islamic economics.

Professional careers

  1. provide the public and private sectors with eligible staff from senior and specialized banks and finance the development process;
  2. Develop the managerial skills of registrants with an emphasis on theoretical foundations and modern applied methods in the banking field;
  3. Deepen the academic path of those who wish to register to continue their higher education development.