Conditions for candidacy for university qualification

  • To be a research professor in a permanent activity position.
  • To be installed in the rank he occupies.
  • To obtain a PhD in science or equivalent.

Candidacy file

The application file for university habilitation contains:

1. A written request,
2. A copy of the confirmation course at the grade,
3. A recent work certificate,
4. A copy of the university degrees obtained.
5. A copy of the doctoral thesis,
6. A resume statement explaining the various stages of the candidate’s career path.
7. The documents containing the total number of the candidate’s work for university qualification, especially:

  • A scientific article and / or scientific publication published after discussion of a doctoral thesis in a recognized scientific journal with a reading committee,
  • The accomplished pedagogical works (books, publications, online lessons …) and be fixed at least with a publication.
  • Other scientific articles, if any published in recognized scientific journals, and with a reading committee,
  • Scientific interventions in scientific conferences and seminars, if any, attached to the certificate of participation.
  • Scientific literature, if any,
  • Patents, if any,
  • A summary consisting of five (5) to ten (10) pages, in which the candidate highlights the sum of his scientific and pedagogical works

8. The researcher will deposit his candidacy file in eight (8) copies, with the Directorate Prosecutor in charge of post-graduate studies, scientific research and external relations, which will receive him immediately after receipt of deposit after observing the organizational conformity of the file.

9. The nomination file shall be sent to a qualified university institution in the field of the candidate’s jurisdiction within a period of eight (8) days after the end of the above mentioned deposit courses, and inform the candidate accordingly.

Candidacy dates

There are two sessions  for candidacy files during the academic year:

First session: September from 15 to 30.
Second session: January from 15 to 30.