Missions of the Institute

The of mathematics and computer sciences was established in 2022, and its mission is to provide students with qualitative courses in the fields of mathematics and  computer science. Courses that prepare students for professional integration and an effective contribution to the development of the country and the region in these rapidly growing technological fields.
To carry out its missions, the of mathematics and computer science has significant human and material resources. Thus, a team of qualified teacher-researchers ensures the teaching and the supervision of the students, and the research development, and a specialized administrative staff takes care of the administrative tasks. The institute also has significant infrastructure and material resources which are available to teachers and students to meet course’s needs.


Today, the Institute has two departments:

  • Mathematics .
  • Computer sciences.

Courses offers

The Institute of mathematics and computer sciences offers courses in License and Master in all branches of fields: information technology, mathematics.

Courses in Bachelor

Branch of computer science: includes 01 specialty:

Branch of mathematics: includes 01 specialty:

Courses in Master

Branch of computer science: includes 01 specialty:

Branch of mathematics: Includes 02 specialties:

Doctoral courses

There is a doctoral program in the fields of mathematics, and computer sciences.

Scientific Research

Research fellows and doctoral students at the institute are attached to research laboratories at the University of Mila, and laboratories at other national universities. In the University of Mila, the research activity of the institute is organized and supported by :

• Laboratory of Mathematics and its interactions.