Rector’s speech

Rector’s speech

Dear visitors,

The occasion of renewing Abdelhafid Boussouf University website, Is an honor and pleasure for me, to appreciate and to respect all members of the university staff: teachers, students, and personnel, as well as all university partners and the visitors of the website.

In a short time, our university has made great progress in its pedagogical structures and diversification of its branches and scientific disciplines. In fact, those progresses demand great human capacities in supervising and managing. Consequently, the university occupies a respectable place among national higher education institutions.

Effectively, these advances motivate us to reach the rank of a scientific pole, not only at the level of the Wilaya of Mila which is proud of its glorious history and its potential human and natural resources, but also at the national and international level. 

My higher expectation is that this site would be the beginning of a new step to promote and make our university well known and to enrich the educational and scientific activities of teachers’ researchers, as well as the scientific, cultural, and sports activities of the students.

Finally, I hope that this new website would be a means to ensure the easiness of communication and interaction between our university and the various institutions, partners, and operators. In another word, It would open up new horizons to interact with the natural environment of our university, exchange experiences and skills, and serving society and people.

The Rector