Scientific events at the university

Scientific events are a unique research activity for the university. Abdul Hafeez Bousouf University organizes meetings, workshops, days and seminars to contribute to enhancing its scientific role as a center for cognitive radiation.

Concepts related to demonstrations

School days: A scientific meeting on a specific topic that often takes one day.
Workshop: A workshop to share experiences on a pre-selected topic.
Forum: (International/National) is a scientific meeting between a number of people from all walks of life whose goal is to compare and publish the results of the research and may take more than a day
The seminar: is a practice of higher education; in a university or body.

Procedures for organizing a scientific demonstration

The faculties receive correspondence for the programming of scientific events by the relevant department in the presidential office in charge of foreign relations, cooperation, activation, communication and scientific events, twice during the same year, the first in December and the second in April.

The file on the scientific event (forum, days or seminar) is deposited at the college level and approved by the Scientific Council of the College and then submitted to the Scientific Council of the University for comment.

The file for a scientific event:

  1. The terms book.
  2. Letter of justification: The request for the organization of the scientific event must be accompanied by a letter of justification indicating its importance and justifying the subject matter of this request.
  3. Organizing Committee: Each application must provide a list of the names of the organizing committee consisting of a limited number of persons, with the chairman in charge of the committee mentioning.
  4. Scientific Committee: The Scientific Committee must appear in each application.
  5. Topic and objective: Each proposal for a scientific event should be followed with a subject or topic with a specific objective.
  6. Interventions and participants: Each request must include the number of participants and participants.
    A copy of the final file will be sent at least one month before the specified date of the scientific event to the Department of Scientific Activities, Communication and Events on behalf of the Presidency in charge of foreign relations.

As a reminder, the final file must contain :

  • The nominal list of foreign and non-foreign guests in their order; for foreign guests, the list must be sent at least 06 months before the demonstration is organized to take action.
  • The program for the demonstration, which is detailed in the names of the interventionists and the dates and times of the interventions;
  • The announcement of the demonstration for publication on the university’s website;
  • The technical card is signed by the head of the department, the deputy dean in charge of external relations and the dean of the faculty.

This card includes budgetary clarifications:

– Financial allocation per day,
– Shelter and feeding,
– Transport,
– Coffee break,
– Drag and printing,
Total expenses (D.J.).

After the conclusion of the scientific event, the organizer must provide the final inventory (proceeding) of this event with a CD for follow-up on the level of the Department of Activation, Communication and Scientific Events on behalf of the University Presidency of Foreign Relations in order to include it on the university’s website.